Coolest Phone Stands This Side of the Planet

How much do you love your phone? Do you love it enough to buy a $100 worth of accessory just to make it comfortable to use? It’s okay, I won’t judge. I mean hey, if I had overflowing cash, I’d probably do the same as well.

For those who love their smartphones enough to gift it with its own phone stand, I’ve put together a short list of the coolest phone stands I could find. Maybe you’ll like one from this list. Again, I won’t judge you for splurging on your techy gadget.

1. EleMount

EleMount iPhone Stand Dock - The Dairy

Pardon the weird name but this sleek phone case is perfect for minimalists and those that love the shiny feel of solid aluminum on their hands. It comes with a sticky surface that instantly grips your phone. Mount it on your car’s dashboard or anywhere; you can get creative!  Cost is around $79.99.

2. ElevationDock

ElevationDock iPhone Stand Dock - The Dairy

If you want to treat your Apple iPhone into an equivalent “high level” craftsmanship, then say hello to this baby. The ElevationDock is USA made and the makers say it is fashioned from the same aircraft-grade aluminum as the iPhone. How is that for classy? Perfect for the office or your home desk, it is available in a host of finishes to give off that Executive touch.

3. iCrado- Pro  X

iCrado Pro X iPhone Stand Dock - The Dairy

Those who love for their phone case stand to show off some curves will probably find the iCrado hard to refuse. Place this on top of your desk and enjoy the iCrado from any angle. It will instantly inject some sophistication into your workspace. It also comes in a host of colors so enjoy!

4. HiRise

HiRise iPhone Stand Dock - The Dairy

Your iPhone 5S deserves a matching pedestal that indicates it is above the rest, right? Well, iPhone lover, the HiRise might just be the phone stand you are looking for. When you place your gadget on the HiRise, it becomes a performer. There are no obstructions to sound and use, plus it elevates its beauty like no other. Oh and it costs less than $40. Not a bad deal, if you ask me.

5. Milo

Milo iPhone Stand Dock - The Dairy

The Milo is a simple piece of phone stand meant for the non-fussy person. It is made by BlueLounge and crafted to fit a flat surface. The Milo holds onto your phone like a leech depending on your blood to live (okay, that analogy might not be appropriate.) It uses micro-suction technology to keep your phone in place and in any angle you want. This is actually the stand I actually have and I love it!!! 

Whether you grab a phone case stand for function or for show, there’s always a design meant for your personality. Just like at The Dairy, our custom-made phone covers are just what you need if you want to give your phone that extra special touch. Or at least stop it from rocking that generic “fresh out the factory” look.