Living Without A Phone: Will You Survive?

Are you always plugged in? Looking for a way to get away from all the insanity of technology, particularly the hassles of being too attached with your phone? Well, well, if you are up for a challenge, rest assured there are ways for you to fully wean yourself away from relying on your gadgets way too much.

I Forgot My Phone is a short film written and starring Charlene deGuzman and directed by Miles Crawford about living through the day without a smartphone.

I forgot my phone

Soooo Prepping Yourself…

For some people, as simple as chucking away their phone or keeping their gadget under lock and key can work. However, some people do need a bit of guidance. For the latter, here are a few things to keep note of.

1. Divert your attention by finding a different object to fixate on.

Personally, I’ve had my phone with me for years. It’s always been nearby or on my pockets. When bored, it’s easy to instinctively grab my phone and check on it. I suggest if you do the same then find another object to carry with you at all times. Whether it’s an iPod shuffle or a variety of other objects, it’s best to have something to act as a replacement so you won’t miss your phone at all.

2. Keep yourself in check and brace for it.

There will be times when you really want to tinker with your phone so prepare for it. You’ll feel stressed out and annoyed and pissed off but don’t let it get to you. Trust me, these moments will pass and eventually you’ll realize how stupid it was to get yourself worked up over a piece of gadget.

3. Have a plan.

If you’re serious about all of these things then make sure that you have a plan. Don’t just jump into the water. Just because you’re ditching your phone doesn’t mean you have to drop everything all at once. It’s good to have a phone to use at different departments of your life. For instance, having a simple phone set aside for emergencies will help you compartmentalize. This leaves you a chance to just use a phone when you actually need it and not all the time.

4. Don’t forget your responsibilities though.

If people call you, then you need to call them back as well. Even if you forego using your phone, you still need to call people if necessary. Set aside a time of day where you give people a callback. This helps save time. Even without a phone, there are several ways to call using online applications or services.

5. Go out and arrange to meet people in person.

The best thing about not having a phone is that you can easily arrange to meet people in person. Meeting face to face is probably one of the best ways to interact. You get to see the other person’s facial expressions and notice little nuances. This is especially useful when it comes to business.

Apart from that, back in the day, meeting friends face to face was a way of life. Although communication is made much more convenient these days, nothing beats actually interacting with people on a more physical, social level rather than online or through the phone.

There’s no doubt cell phones can be fun and useful gadgets but there are times when we use it a wee bit too much; straining our relationships and turning us into cell phone addicts in a sense.  So, if you want to cut ties with your phone, it is possible but it won’t be as easy as pie.

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Good luck!

Cam :)