The March of the Galaxy S5 – Are You Ready?

Can you hear that? The sound of Samsung Galaxy fanboys and fangirls oohing and aahing over the announcement that the Samsung Galaxy S5 is ready to be released to the world this coming April! Not only that, it’s going to be coupled with some heavy duty Galaxy Gear!

Head honcho of Samsung’s mobile department, Lee Young Hee, has been teasing everyone and getting Android lover’s hearts beating faster by announcing that the S5 will be dropping rather soon.

According to him, they are targeting a March or April release, just like they always have with their previous product launches.


All Seeing Eye

Perhaps the primary news/rumour/talk that has been closely attached to the S5 is that it is supposed to feature an eye scanner.  (I know, totally cool, right?) This has been the one persistent rumour hounding the S5 from the beginning. And from the sound of Lee’s statement, it seems there might be some truth to this one.

He is quoted as saying, “Many people are fanatical about iris recognition technology…we are studying the possibility.”

So if you have your eyes set (pun intended) on having your own device with an eye scanner, then this could be possible in a matter of months.

Improving Gears

Another thing the executive confirmed is that this upcoming launch will also feature the debut of a whole new and improved Galaxy Gears. It will be better, possibly with much faster and precise thingamajigs under the hood.

Design-wise, there’s some talk this S5 will have a steel body but it’s just speculation for now. Lee does promise that they are “going back to the basics…” emphasizing the “display and feel of the cover.”

So far, these are the only concrete things we know about this mysterious new S5. As for the Galaxy Note 4, the bigger cousin of the Samsung Galaxy S5; there’s no clear announcement yet if it will arrive at the same time but it has been rumoured to feature a three-sided display and will be aimed at the higher spectrum of the market.

Oh well, I guess we’ll just have to play the waiting game. Whether you’re gearing up for the iPhone 6 or the Samsung Galaxy S5 or even the Galaxy Note 4; there will be fun times ahead for all you techie/gadget lovers out there.

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Cam :)