Selfie-Matic – Your Guide to Taking a Foolproof Selfie

The selfie. This has been a thing since 2002. It wasn’t as big then but some variation of it has reared its head.

Fast-forward to 2014 and it’s hard to detach the selfie from our lives. Anyone who has a smartphone, a tablet or any type of portable camera has taken a selfie.

What is a selfie? Let’s break it down for you.
To be prim and proper, it’s a type of self-portrait. You take it with a portable camera or the one on your phone, grabbing a quick snapshot of yourself. This is meant to be casual, fun and absolutely random. Chances are it’ll show your arm sticking out while you find the right angle to showcase yourself, your group or your background best.

Not too hard is it? Well, what if I tell you there are a couple of rules you need to follow in order to get the best selfie shot possible. Hey, this isn’t rocket science but it is an art form.

And because we’re totes awesome, we’re sharing some of the neatest tips and tricks you can do in order to get the most out of your selfie. It’s more than just stretching your arm and striking a pose, oh, no, no. There are things you can do to make sure that selfie generates likes, follows and of course awesome feedback. Here you go!

Numero Uno: Look Good

Hey, if you want a good selfie, you need to make sure that you’re camera ready as well. No need to get your hair and make up done, my dear. Aim for a casual, decent look and that’s it.  Quick lip-gloss and maybe some hair gel are totally fine too.

Numero Dos: Practice and Pose In Your Best Angle

This is actually the real trick to the selfie picture. Move around until you find that best angle. It’s highly recommended you go for a straight on or above angle. These work great and are often a chosen pose by many. Whatever you do, don’t ever highlight your double chin; this is so not flattering on anyone.

Numero Tres: Give a Warm Smile

No, no, no. No duckface please. A genuine warm smile can carry your photo for miles and miles across the interwebs. You can also play coy and pretend that you don’t know you’re being photographed. As long as it doesn’t scream FAKE then you should be good.

Numero Quattro: Filters Are Your Friend
Ahh, I like to call this the wonderbox for the selfie addict. Filters can add drama and warmth to your picture so find the right one and use it wisely. There are filters meant to enhance your skin tone or facial features too. Just don’t go overboard otherwise the image will scream selfie amateur.

Numero Cinco: Watch What’s In Your Background
True blue selfie-ers, always pay close attention to their surroundings. Of course, if this is going to be part of the shot then at least make an effort to tidy things up a bit first.

Mirror selfies are often fraught with these mistakes. Sure, you captured your best angle but in the background, it also highlights the stacks of dirty laundry (including your undies!) on the floor. Save the world some agony and don’t let them see that.

Numero Seis: Lighting Baby, Lighting!
There’s no point in taking a selfie if they can’t see your face now is there? Pay attention to where the light is coming from. No overhead lighting please otherwise you’ll end up with dark shadows on your face – not pretty at all. Look to the sun or have direct light pointed at you. Also, having the light coming from behind you, especially artificial light works as well!

Now that wasn’t too hard was it?

Your turn... show us your best selfie shot and #THEDAIRY!

Let's not forget that the selfies are the best way to show off your favourite The Dairy phone case. We love seeing your seflies!  

Cam :)