Are You Sure Your Smartphone is Safe from Hackers?

Admit it.

Your smartphone has become your lifeline of sorts.

From accessing emails, doing bank transfers, shopping, Facebooking and even storing passwords. It’s got everything. We even use it to grab directions if we need it.

So how come we don’t keep our smartphones under lock and key and gladly leave it around anywhere without care, potentially exposing all the private information stored in it? Well that’s something we all need to think about.

It’s not just the physical hacking or stealing that we need to think of, but also the digital. It's especially important to keep teenagers safe while using their smartphones since they may not be aware of all the potential risks that come with digital communication.

From March 2012 to March 2013, mobile Malware threats have increased a whopping 614 per cent! That’s a shocking increase, don’t you think? And something that you should be concerned about.

Every single app downloaded into your smartphone often requires permission to access personal information. As a consumer, you need to know why an app wants access to these data and why. Because malware could easily latch onto these and steal all your precious information within the blink of an eye (think credit card information, email passwords, personal photos and more.)

Luckily, there are things you can do to keep your information safe. Here are some crucial tips you can follow:

  • Always download reliable and updated security software. Think Norton, Kapersky, Trend Micro or even AVG. You’ll find a whole lot of them. Read reviews and go for the one you’re most confident with.
  • Always place a password lock on your phone. This is important! If you accidentally leave your phone somewhere, at least you’re assured that not everybody can access it right away. Oh and please don't make it 1234 or 5555!
  • Don’t eagerly dismiss or accept those permission requests when downloading apps. Carefully read what they want and why.
  • Banking app passwords should be changed frequently.
  • Always question items offered for free but require you to give up your personal details.
  • Here a neat tip. Take note and keep your IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identification) number. This is usually under the battery or just press *#06# to find out what it is. (This often works on most handsets.) In case your phone gets stolen, you can have it blocked to prevent other people from using it with a SIM over most Aussie networks.
  • Always be wary of connecting to unknown wireless networks. This also means to stop accessing emails or entering crucial passwords when using these unknown networks.
  • Use common sense when handling sensitive information. Yep, nothing is more important than being vigilant about using your phone. 

Hope these things help you out! Remember, just because they’re handy doesn’t mean they’re completely safe.

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Stay safe guys! 

Cam :)