The iPhone 6 (Rumours, Hearsays & the Nitty-Gritty)

You all know the drill by now. Rumour mills are ablaze with Apple’s upcoming addition to the 7-iPhone strong family. (If you’re wondering why 7, I counted the original honcho. The one dubbed as the 2G or 1st Gen.)

With the iPhone 6 looking to burst out of Apple’s strongly guarded Cupertino placenta soon, die hard iPhone users are now buzzing and speculating on what this new sibling has to offer.

What’s at stake?

The iPhone 6 is a make-it or break-it release for Apple. Even though their fiscal year has been quiet, they still outperformed most companies. However, there’s an air of anticipation and quiet “dis-enchantment” that’s slowly hovering above the iPhone. No doubt, the pressure is on to keep their main product, the iPhone, interesting and relevant for today’s smartphone-saturated market.

What we know about the iPhone 6:


Some time in 2014. When exactly? Only Apple honcho’s know (and maybe the ghost of Steve Jobs.)

If we go by the company’s not-so-subtle track record, it’s likely we’ll get the big reveal in September. Of course, they could toss things up and just release it in December. All we can really do is sit tight, grit our teeth and start ditching those double-pump-mocha-lattes so we’ll have enough money to get it ASAP!


The iPhone 6 could be a game changer. Apple could shake things up with this upcoming release. It’s either going to be a major revision of the existing versions or they’re going to go with a completely revolutionary aesthetic we’ve never seen before. Thrilled?

Talks of bigger screens and even a bigger version (the iPhablet?!) are heavy on the rumour mills. We’re talking a possible 1080 Full HD resolution. Warts and all could be right there when you use FaceTime, that’s how crisp it might get.

As for screen size, numbers 4.7 inches and 5.5 to 5.7 inches are thrown around in Apple banter. Stretched further, chatter is also directed at the supposed 1704 x 960 display to be embedded on the device. If this is true, we’re expecting a density of 356 to 416 pixels for every inch. This is way higher than the 300-pixel limitation of the human eye. It’s advantageous since it means running apps on larger screens is next-to-nothing.


Talks of a slimmer iPhone 6 are gaining track. This is fuelled further by Apples acquisition of patents for liquidmetal 3D printing. We could be looking at a svelte body of 7.6 mm! (Of course, we’re going to find a way to get your custom iPhone 6 pieces if this is indeed true.)

If that’s gotten you excited, the flexible and curved handset patent they recently got as well could show up in future devices. As much as we’d like to see this put into action on the iPhone 6, it’s likely the actual technology is still a long ways off.

We’ve mentioned the possibility of bigger screens but of course, being Apple, it seems they’re taking things a step further by adding all that unbreakable sapphire glass. If this comes true, it could mean a higher price for the device. Then again, it could be worth it on the company’s part since iPhones are among the top devices submitted for broken screen repairs.


Evidence is mounting that Apple could be releasing its iOS 8 software in conjunction with the release of the iPhone 6. It’s possible we’d start finding out the details of the new software by June this year before seeing it in action on the device.

A few things to look forward to; talks of Apple meeting up with the FDA were thrown around. Apparently, the iOS 8 could be a boon towards the healthy crowd as it’s rumoured to incorporate Healthbook. An app designed to keep track of various health and fitness metrics including blood pressure, heart rate, even possibly nutrition intake etc.

If it pushes through, it’s likely to show up in the iWatch as well. Other notable upgrades attached to the iOS 8 includes a song recognition option for the lovable, Siri, plenty of Touch ID services, and maybe side-by-side view on its iPad.


Since we’re going by the rumour mill right now, it’s been awash with convos of the iPhone 6 cameras possibly notching it up to 13 megapixels instead of the 8 megapixels it currently has.

Stauncher tech journalists however, think the company is sticking to the 8 and instead working on adding an aperture of f/1.8 or f/2.0 depending on who’s reporting. Either way, this is an improvement from its current f/2.2 aperture.

Why? A better aperture means it will greatly improve image processing. This means, better selfies and overall gorgeous pictures for all you crazy selfie-lovin’ boys and girls.

What do you think of the possible changes? Eager to see which ones make the cut? We are too! No doubt, Apple has something awesome up its sleeve!

Let me know which additions you’d like to see on the iPhone 6? I’d love to hear it!

Cam :)

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Here are some of the exciting concepts being seen around the internet…