Setting Up Your Own DIY Security System Using Old iPhones, iPads or iPods

Welcome to the 21st century! A place where technology is the name of the game and where your security is as vulnerable as ever; we don’t mean to be Chicken Little here but it is true.

In the digital world, words like firewall, anti-virus and encryption are the only ones that stand between your data and the whole world.

Meanwhile, on the physical world, security is also a big deal. The good news though is there are things you can do to literally protect yourself and your home without spending too much money. How to do it? If you’ve got an old iPad, iPhone or iPod, you can DIY yourself a security surveillance kit.


Protecting Yourself

Here’s a non-secret iOS users might want to know. Your old and unused devices can be transformed into various monitoring devices like capturing videos or even as motion detectors or sensors. Couple these old devices with the right app, a few third party cameras (if needed) and you can set up your own home security system.

A Quick Guide to Setting Up

  1. Note down the camera name, model and developer name. 
  2. Look around the App Store to make sure there’s a corresponding app you can use. Some of these might be free while others might be paid. Don’t worry, you’ll always find plenty of reliable apps to use. Go over the app details to make sure it’s compatible with your camera. 
  3. Grab the app and find out how to hook it up to your camera or camera server. The details will vary but the basic requirements include the camera name and IP address. After that, you might be asked to set up a username and password to gain access to the camera. 

As for apps, there’s plenty to choose from. You just have to find the right one. Here are a couple for you to consider.

Presence by People Power is a useful and free application homeowners can use to keep an eye out on their home, office or even the elderly using their iOS or smart devices. The app even provides audio and video communication between the person handling the camera at the actual location and the receiver.

For those who don’t have any unused smart items available, don’t fret. You’ll find a host of low priced options everywhere!

DropCam gives you a strong security system with an encryption system you’ll find in the most secure banks. Expect digital zooming, night vision options and cool two-way talk back for whoever’s on the other side of the camera. When you opt to include the cloud recording service in your plan, you can still gain access to the recordings even if your camera gets stolen.

Aside from these two, there are other apps and systems that offer security while using technology.  

KeyMe, for instance, helps you out in case you are locked out of your office or home.  How will it help? Well, if you either forget or simply lose your keys for good, this app lets you take an image of your keys, both front and back. With the image, along with the developer’s instructions, a locksmith can easily recreate a new key. The app lets you save up too. If you ask for a locksmith to service an emergency, it’s going to cost more than $100 but for less than $10 you can access the image along with the instructions and have a locksmith create it for you! Neat, right?

Those looking to eliminate old school metal keys or want a combination of both digital locks and literal locks can opt for several keyless solutions. Launched last year, the Kwiset Kevo Lock takes the place of an existing deadbolt lock. The item can be installed in just 15 minutes and then powered up by batteries. There’s also an LED indicator that turns green when the door is unlocked. Those with an iPhone with the proprietary app can turn into a wireless key that opens the door when it’s near enough. The only thing that needs to be turned on is the Bluetooth function, there’s no need to pull it out from your purse or wallet.

If you want to keep your home protected at all times, consider getting these apps and setting up your own security system. Make it convenient by using your iPhone, iPad or iPod or pretty much any of your favourite smart devices. You’re not only protected, you’re also making your life so much more convenient!

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