Earin Earbuds – How Small Would You Go For Music?

What’s the single most annoying thing about having earphones?

That’s right, wires! 

That messy piece is like a secret sentient Transformer; it just can’t help but tie itself in knots. If you’re like us, and you always have to spend 5 to 10 minutes in focused exasperation untangling your iPhone headphones before you can listen to music, then welcome to the club.

But look what we found. Earin

What’s an Earin?

It’s the world’s smallest wireless in-ear headphones! (But we’re honestly more excited about the fact it doesn’t have wires.) 

The Swedish company and their namesake product launched their Kickstarter campaign months ago and saw a landslide of backers immediately. In less than two weeks, they managed to hit their mark.

Creator, Olle Lindén, was inspired by Ryan Reynolds’ character in the movie “Definitely Maybe”, where he’s walking down the street and popped wireless buds to listen to music and drown out the busy New York crowd.

Five years ago, the technology was nowhere in sight. But he persisted and today, has developed a functional prototype for the device.

Wireless Bluetooth devices are available today but these are still somehow wired to each other instead of in earbud form.

Earin wants to change that and promises to ‘create a perfect wireless experience’.

Made for music lovers and music lovers only

There are no slots. No sensors. No microphones. Just music.

Focussing on a minimal design, each bud comes with a plastic casing armed with a silicon tip. Each noise-isolating piece pops inside the ear snugly, sending your favourite music, whether its Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5, Matt Corby’s Resolution, Miley’s Wrecking Ball or a loud helping of Dimmu Borgir, directly into your ears. 

At only 5 grams, it’s the most portable earpiece you’ll get. Can you imagine how convenient running, hiking, or even travelling with it would be? It’s so small; you can barely see it inside your ear!

The company uses balanced armature speakers like those used in hearing aids to send precision sound while keeping the power usage at a minimum.

Speaking of power, it’s rechargeable and uses a 50mAh li-ion battery offering around 2.5 to 3 hours worth of music playback. It comes with a casing for storage that also functions as an on-the-go charger. (Yep, these guys seem to have thought of everything!) A USB cable can also be plugged on the capsule shaped device when you’re at home or in front of your laptop.

The batteries may not be as long lasting as other Bluetooth headphones out there but it’s impressive for something only 2 centimetres long.  

Both earbuds function in a ‘slave-master’ relationship according to the company. One commands, the other receives. The left portion of the device receives the Bluetooth signal from your iPhone or Android device, and transmits it to the right audio channel offering a seamless sound that’s better than your standard headphones.

Since surpassing their initial targets, the guys added a few extended goals, which are directed towards creating an app for iOS, Windows and Android to match with the buds as well as to ensure that the buds are waterproof. Although Bluetooth technology might not function underwater, at least you won’t have to worry about getting your Earin’s or iPhone wet.

As for cost, it is quite pricey. It comes at a suggested retail price of £159 or roughly 230 AUD. But it’s reasonable for the world’s smallest earphones – and remember, no wires!

What to Expect on Your Earin Package

  • A pair of Earin wireless earbuds
  • Capsule casing for storage and charging
  • Three different foam tips to give you comfort and fit
  • Concha lock to hold the earbuds in place as you prance around
  • USB cable for charging the capsule casing

Blowing past their Kickstarter goals, the team is looking to produce Earin and make it available commercially by January 2015.

We know we’ll be waiting for this!

For the meantime, check out Earin’s pitch video below:


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