15 Hidden Tricks You Didn’t Know Your iPhone Could Do

How long have you had your iPhone?

Even if you’ve been using one for a long time, chances are, you’re still not using it to its full potential. The iPhone is more than a black brick of glorious electronics sitting in your pocket, it can do so many things and comes with buried features to make your life easier.

While some of these features can only be found in the latest models or those that can accommodate the latest iOS 13 or 14, a chunk of these can be used on older iPhone Models. So, let’s check out these fantastic hidden features!

1. Customize The Buttons at the Control Center

Go to Settings > Control Center > Customize Control. Doing so helps you get rid of buttons and features you don’t need in the Control Center. You can add, remove and rearrange all of this according to your preference.

2. Create Automatic Backups for Photos and Apps

Go to the Settings Screen > Tap Your Name > Go to iCloud Photos > Switch “ON” iCloud Photos. This will automatically upload all your videos and photos to iCloud for safekeeping. You can also do the same thing and create backups for your Messages, Mail or other apps you have.

3. Turn On Screen-Recording

First things first, if you hit control centre and can’t find the “Screen Recording” button, you need to add it first by following the instructions above for customizing the apps on Control Center. Doing this gives you easier access to the screen recording button. Once it’s added, to record, Open Control Center > Tap the Record Button. The phone will automatically record the screen without any audio. The video will be saved in Photos.

4. Take Full Page PDF Screenshots

You’re probably familiar with how to take a screenshot, but did you know the new iOS 13 update lets you take full page screenshots and even lets you save it in PDF format? To do this, Press Power + Home Button at the same time to take a screenshot. Once you have the shot, choose “Full Page” and it will save the entire screen of a webpage or whatever it is you just screenshot. Share it and export it as a PDF.

5. Create Customized Alerts

Want to assign a specific ringtone or vibration pattern to a contact? This helps so you always know who is calling or messaging you anytime, anywhere. Do this by Choosing the Contact > Tap Edit > Select Tone/Vibration to Assign > Press Done.

6. Enable and Customize Your Emergency SOS

The iPhone can be customized to send an emergency call by pressing certain buttons. This is helpful if you find yourself in need of help as soon as possible. To enable emergency calls, scroll to Emergency SOS > Enable Auto Call > Call with Side Button. When you press the power button 5 times OR press and hold the power and volume up or down, the iPhone will automatically make an emergency call. You can also enter a custom number in the Health app and designate an emergency contact there, depending on the region.

7. Take the Perfect Overhead Photo

Hate it when things aren’t level during flatlay photos? Here’s the solution. Head to Settings > Camera > Turn On Grid Setting. When you take photos, a grid will appear with two crosshairs. If the two crosshairs line up perfectly, it means your phone is perfectly level when taking a shot.

8. Swipe To Delete a Digit in the Calculator

For all of you calculator nerds out there, did you know you can delete the last entered digit simply by Swiping Right on the calculator? Perfect if you entered the wrong digit and need it changed fast. 

9. Use the Tape Measure

Yes, your iPhone has a new built-in tape measure you can use to approximate and measure the length of objects. It’s not exact but it gets you pretty close. Use the Measure app to get the tape measure added to your phone.

10. Transform your Keyboard into a Mouse Trackpad

To change your keyboard into a trackpad, just type any text on any app then long press or force press on the keyboard. The letters will disappear and you can move around the cursor over a block of text.

11. Access Wi-Fi and Bluetooth List from Control Center

The Control Center is a handy little device every iPhone user should use. It gives you plenty of accessibility and makes using your iPhone easier. To connect with a Wi-Fi network, go to Control Center > Long Press or Force Press on Wi-Fi > Choose from the list of networks that appear. You can also do this when choosing to pair with Bluetooth.

12. Add Another Person’s Face on Face ID

Using Touch ID lets you add up to 10 fingerprints to your phone, but did you know you can also add a second face when using Face ID. Head to Settings > Face ID & Passcode > Tap “Set Up Alternative Appearance “ > Add a second face as you would. This works great for family members or people who want their own partner to be able to use their phones.

13. Select Multiple Items Using the Two Finger Swipe

With the iOS 13, you can choose several items with just one gesture, by using a two-finger swipe. Do this when you need to mass delete Messages or just choosing several items from a list. This gesture works in almost any in-stock app like Mail, Notes and Messages.

14. Hide Your Phone Number

If for some reason you want to call someone without revealing your phone number, you can do it with your iPhone! Just type #31# before you enter the phone number of the person you are calling. When you do this, the number that will appear will look like #31#12456397 and no one will know it’s you.  

15. Perform Math Calculations Using Spotlight

Essentially, Spotlight is the search bar on your device. While it’s great for finding things in your phone, it can also do math equations if you’re in a hurry and don’t want to pull out the calculator. Just go to Spotlight (search bar) and type your equation. It can multiply, divide, add and subtract with ease. It can even do currency conversions or get weather reports.


Remove Attached Metadata from Your Photos

To keep your information and location private, you can remove the metadata or location from your photo before sharing it. To do this, pick a photo and click the share button. But before sending, hit the “options” section and turn off “All Photos Data.” This will prevent others from viewing the metadata of your photos including its location.

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