iPhone 6 Screen Size Rumours: Fact or Fiction?

It seems there’s a new rumour popping up about the iPhone 6 every single day. Apple hasn’t even confirmed its existence yet but it seems all these rumours are spreading like wildfire.

What’s the most prevalent and interesting one of all? The screen size.

For years, Apple has retained its 4-inch screen, even using it for its iPhone 5 series. When competitors first came out with bigger screens, the company scoffed at the idea, saying it was ridiculous and that people will always prefer the smaller size. However, if rumours are true, the company might have had a change of heart about using bigger screens for their device.

5.5 Inches and 4.7 Inches: Which one is it?

The latest rumour on the mill is that Apple is prepping to release a 5.5 inch iPhone phablet that’s set to compete with the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the HTC One M8. It’s also said that there will be a smaller 4.7 inch version for those who don’t fancy a bigger screen. The 4.7 inch iPhone which, according to Macrumors, will probably have 1704 x 960 pixels including an A8 chip said to transform the device into the first smartphone to contain a quad-core processor. This means it will be faster than any other device in the smart device in the market today.

Production for the iPhone 6 was estimated to start in July and the eventual release and announcement to come in September. Of course, the company is still mum on this and until now, it’s all up in the air.

Still, it’s impossible not to get excited at the prospects of a slightly bigger iPhone and a possibly mini “mini” iPad in the next few months. Judging by their track record though, Apple probably won’t be releasing these new sizes just to compete with the market. Lets hope being the true ‘innovators’ that they are that they’ll have a valid reason why they’re adding the bigger screens and possibly better resolution.

Hey, we can all hope, right? We’ll just need to wait and see.

What about you? Which screen size would you prefer to see and why? 

Cam :)