7 Foolproof Steps to Getting More Instagram Followers

Instagram has dominated the social media world for years now. It’s a go-to app not just for photo lovers, but those looking to share their day to day moments to friends, family and the world.

For many, getting likes on their images is everything. And even though it may seem superficial, well, science does say likes make you happy. So, why not add a little happiness to your life by gaining more followers and likes on your images. Here are some tips you can do:

1. Use those hashtags!
You’ve seen them proliferating the most popular images out there. Attaching a hashtag allows you to gain a better and wider audience especially if you use popular tags like #photooftheday #Instagood #cute #love #smile and even #ootd (for fashionista’s everywhere.) Even though we endorse hashtags, try not to go overboard or else you’ll look desperate1! Limit the tags between 3-8 and make sure to include ones that are relevant to the image you’re posting.

2. Be Consistent
If the goal is to build an audience, make sure your audience knows when they’ll get another photo. Want to upload everyday? Then do upload EVERY DAY! Don’t let them down.

3. Take amazing photos. 
This is a big factor. Keep your shots interesting and even if you only use your iPhone 5, then capture shots others don’t normally take. Be creative and have fun. If you need a bit of refresher, check out this cool page for interesting photo tutorials.

4. Engage your audience. 
Interact, follow back and reply to comments, even to just say thank you. Make your presence known and acknowledge those who frequently like or comment on your photos. It’s a great way to earn followers, start conversations, exchange ideas or gain a friend. And of course comment on their photos!!!

5. Edit, edit, edit. 
Some photos are naturally good (#nofilter) but other times, small tweaks and edits are needed to turn a meh photo into a brilliant one worth liking and sharing. There are plenty of free as well as paid apps available. If you’re using your iPhone 5/5s or maybe Samsung Galaxy S5, there are also built in editing options you might want to try out. Oh, and you can also use the built in filters in Instagram. If you want the filter lowdown, check this out. 

6. Have a call to action.
This might seem like a marketing gimmick but like sales pages, having a clear call to action actually works e.g. post a dreamy inspirational holiday pic and ask 'who else wants to be here right now?'.

7. Take interesting and unique selfies. 
No duck face please. Okay, you can, but it depends on how you take it. The key here is to be creative.

Whether you’re instagramming using your iPhone 5, iPad or other smart devices, it’s definitely a fun way to share images in an instant. Follow these simple tips and you should be able to gain more likes and follows. Just try not to get too hung up on the numbers and remember to have fun! That’s what it’s for after all.

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Cam :)