7 Cool Things your iPhone 6 can do better Than Other iPhones

You've bit the bullet. And now you've got your own iPhone 6 right in your hands. Now what? Sure, apart from looking sleeker, bigger and giving you the usual round of features: phone call, messaging, wifi etc. there's got to be something else your newfangled shiny object is capable of doing?

Leave it to Apple to surprise you. Here are 7 cool things your new device does better than its previous incarnations:

  1. Look, Ma! Just one hand!

Despite being bigger, the iPhone 6 is easier to use with one hand. They call it 'Reachability' and all you need to do is double tap the Home button. No pressing at all! This means there's no need to put down that cocktail of yours just to reply to your girlfriend.

  1. Smile, Burst and Pick

Burst shots might be possible in the iPhone 5 and the some of the former models but the iPhone 6 takes it further by detecting smiles and blinks as well. Now that's neat! Those pictures of you closing your eyes will never see the light of day again!

  1. No More Double Tapping to Focus

Apple's made their sensors smarter by automatically detecting movement both in the foreground and background! No more double tapping the screen to focus. It'll detect movement and focus for you. It's one smart, shiny baby.

  1. Location, Location

Location detecting apps can be a big no-no for some. But those who don't mind being found can add their location when they send out messages to friends or family. The iPhone 6 lets you do this easily.

  1. Slow-mo, Time Lapse and Better Stabilization

iPhone video enthusiasts will love these new additions. The time lapse function is magnificent while the slow-mo gives you hours of endless fun. Don't forget the stabilization option. It'll keep your image still even if you're biking down a bumpy road path.

  1. Adjustable Icon Sizes

Are you having trouble reading your icons and text? Maybe just have bad eyesight? You can totally enlarge the size of the icons and everything on the screen by heading to the Display & Brightness Setting. Apple calls it the Zoomed View and it'll make those icons larger and easier to read.

  1. Shows the Photo of the Sender

For some, this might seem creepy but hey, it's perfect for when you can't even remember who you gave your number to last night and they suddenly message you the next day. You can see their face when they message (and you can decide to respond or not). Be warned. This goes either way.

Know of any special iPhone 6 tricks or features you love? Share it with us!

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