Phone Case Shopping Guide: 5 Tips To Choosing The Right Cover

With such an essential everyday item, it’s only natural to want to protect it.

Given their importance and cost, it's crucial to protect them. The easiest way to safeguard your phone is by selecting the right phone case that suits your style and device. In this guide, we'll explore various factors to consider when choosing the perfect phone case.

A Guide To Choosing The Right Phone Case:

1. Choosing between a stylish Snap or protective Armoured?

Shattered glass screens are the number one reason people want to protect their phones. A slim snap case offers good protection minus the bulk. The lightweight design of snap cases makes them ideal for carrying every day. They’re also perfect if you’re confident you’ll only be subjecting your phone to minor bumps and small drops.

Slim Snap Case or Protective Armoured

2. Smooth or Tactile Finish?

Plastic cases often have a flat surface - ideal if you want that “smooth” feel in your hands. This is true for gloss finishes as well. Bold colours and designs also look better on glossy surfaces. And, they’re easier to clean!

Textured finishes are best if you want an extra layer of grippiness. There’s a beautiful, tactile feeling when you’re holding matte or textured cases made from leather, silicone and even plastic. The grippy texture helps in preventing the phone from slipping from your fingertips.

Slim and protective cute pasta party phone case

3. Personalised Custom or Pre-made Designs? 

Finding a case with a design you like is easier today than ever before. We release cute phone case designs every month. The Dairy has various collections in partnership with nearly 25+ artists worldwide. Take your pick from the feminine Parisian chic of Kerrie Hess to the stunning floral creations of Typoflora or Italian inspired designs from the wonderful world of BG. Studio.

Shop all artist designed phone cases here.

Popular Cute Phone Cases

If you want to stand out from the masses, you can even design and customise your phone case. Use The Dairy’s personalised tool to create something that stands out.

Create your own custom phone case & tech accessories here.

Cute custom Phone cases

4. What accessories do you need?

Consider what other accessories you need to make your smartphone use easier. Do you need a sling? A credit card holder? Or would you prefer a built-in phone stand? Phone stands & like Clickit are ideal if you love hands-free use. You can do Zoom calls, stream your favourite shows, or record videos just by propping your phone.

You can personalised your own here or shop one of our pre-made solid colour options.

Personalised phone stand & holder

5. Do you need a screen protector?

If you’re worried about damaging your phone, adding a screen protector like the NanoPro can minimize scratches while providing antimicrobial properties. This double protection means you won’t need to worry about using your phone all day or placing it face down on random surfaces. But if you’re slightly heavier-handed or love to take your phone adventuring, then a tempered glass protector might be better suited.