March of the Latest Phone Gadgets

Techies are rejoicing left and right. It seems that 2013 is a promising year for new updates on everyone's favorite android and iPhone gadgets. Samsung already debuted their S4 and now the rumor mill is flying that Apple will be following suit with a possible new phone in the next few months.

Here's a quick rundown on the newest phones that debuted in the market this year as well as a couple of upcoming ones to watch out for.

Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4

Let's start with this one since Samsung already dropped the ball on this a couple of weeks back. The S3 is one of those phones that have given Apple a run for their money. Sure, there's all the messy lawsuits in between but the S3 was nonetheless a spectacular piece of gadget.

With the S4, Samsung is trying to win those who haven't felt the need to convert by offering a whopping 13 MP camera, 5 inch display (yes, more space for selfies!), a 4.3 Android Jellybean as well as a host of efficient Samsung software. It also carries a much sleeker look compared to the S3.

If packaging counts, then you'd be happy to know the S4 packaging only uses recycled paper for their boxes. Samsung has definitely stepped up to the plate when it comes to presentation and performance for their smart phones. And the best news of all, we'll have cases for the S4 in just a few days!!!

iphone 6

iPhone 6

I know, I know, we've barely gotten used to our slimmer iPhone 5 and there are already talks of Apple possibly releasing an iPhone 6 pretty darn soon! (I hope they fix the battery issue this time though.) Talks of a 12 megapixel camera as well as a Quad Core processor are swirling around the gadget. It's also possibly going to contain LTE and NFC capabilities and of course, much, much better Maps!

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung Note 3

Yes, this ginormous “phablet” is slated to get a revamp by the third quarter of the year. It's touted to contain an even bigger (how big can you get?) screen; a powerful processor under the hood; Android 5.0 and of course, more cool features that can be paired with the awesome S-Pen. 


Google Nexus 5

For many Android fan boys and girls out there, this is probably the most awaited phone for the year. The Nexus has proven itself to be a fantastic device worthy of admiration so its successor is expected to maintain Google's flagship device up to the standards. It'll possibly feature Android 5.0 along with a quad core processor, tons of fun colors and an impressive array of features to rival other smartphones in the market.

Sony Experia ZL

Sony Experia Z/ZL

Man, there's a reason why Sony hasn't bowed out of the phone market all these years and that's because they can definitely churn out a noteworthy smartphone when necessary.

Its younger (and far cheaper) brother Sony Experia ZL carries similar features minus a few things. These two are already available in the market so if you're thinking of getting either one of these, scoot on over to your nearest shop and test one out first.

Competition is tough ain't it? Whether you're an Android lover, staying true to Apple or maybe even branching out to Windows; there's definitely a gadget waiting for you.

Once you've gotten your phone and need stylish or unique phone cases, don't forget to drop by our gallery. We have oodles of designs for you to choose from. Enjoy!