Hello Samsung Galaxy S4! (Tips, Tricks and a Whole Lotta Love)

Been waiting for the new Samsung Galaxy S4? You can finally get a good night's sleep now that it's finally out! Yes, ladies and gents, if you haven't heard the S3's younger brother is making waves as it struts in through the doors of your favorite techie shops.

So what's so exciting with this new Samsung smartphone? Apparently, a lot! The Galaxy S4 is a bit bigger, faster and carries a lot more tricks up its sleeve compared to the Samsung Galaxy S3. Want to learn some of these tips and tricks? Read on and enjoy!

TIP #1 Speed it Up

Do you find yourself tinkering with your phone to no end just to make it a tad bit faster than it is? The Galaxy S4 can be made faster with this neat tip.

There's Siri for the iPhone and then there's the S Voice for Samsung smartphones. Well, if you're not fond of this feature, disable it and squeeze out some speed from your device. Do the following:

  1. Open S Voice or double tap the Home button key.
  2. Hit the button over at the left side of the Home key.
  3. Choose SETTINGS.
  4. Uncheck the box where you have "Open via the Home key"

Doing this simple step eliminates that bit of lag when you accidentally hit the Home key twice. The S4 cell phone is one sharp gadget as it automatically waits for a second Home button tap in case you want to use the S Voice. Unchecking the box gets rid of that extra process so you can go about on your merry way.

TIP #2 Snap and Choose your Best Photos

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone is packed with fun camera features selfie-lovin' ladies and gents will adore. Perhaps the best one out of the bunch is the Best Photo mode. What it does is take eight consecutive photos just like in burst mode; it will then highlight the best one out of the lot. Just choose the one to your liking by double tapping to save. Neat right? No more complaining about bad angles!

Armed with a 13 megapixel main camera, you'll love taking photos with this special phone. Did I mention there's also a Best Face option as well as Eraser, which lets you erase photobombers and unwanted images in a photo! Exciting, isn't it?  

Tip #3 Using the S4 with Gloves On

For chilly weather where gloves are necessary, the S4 makes it absolutely easy for you to control its special touch interface even with your bulky hand warmers on. Set this feature up by doing the following:

Settings > Device Tab > Display > High Touch Sensitivity > On

Simple as that!

Tip #4 "Don't Disturb Me!"

Nothing ruins our quiet time faster than hearing a ringing phone in full blast right when we're getting into our "Zen mode."

If you're in this dilemma, there is a way. This neat Samsung S4 feature keeps those unwanted phone calls, messages etc., away, well, at least for a little while.

Blocking mode is much more improved with the S4. Set a specific period of time (start to finish) and block out incoming calls, messages, alarms and everything else that could bother you. If you're waiting for an important call, you can always set that particular contact on the "golden contacts" list to ensure their call goes through while this mode is activated.

Tip #5 Multitasking Mania

How many browsers do you simultaneously open up in your computer? Three, four, maybe five? Multitasking with the Samsung Galaxy S4 phone is easier with its improved multi-window menu.

Open at least two browsers side by side to check both of them at the same time. Simply click and drag them to the main screen. Watch YouTube while surfing Facebook or scroll through Instagram and Tweet at the same time! This is super-fast and convenient.

Now that you have your S4, make the most out of it by grabbing fun Samsung Galaxy accessories to go with it. Here are three accessories you might want to consider.

S Band

Tracking your health and keeping fit is made easier when it's done in partner with your phone. The S Band helps track steps, calories, distance and even sleep quality! Get all of your stats on display using the S Health 2.0 app you can use on the S4. Don't worry; the band is sleek and super stylish. You won't even notice it's there.

Wireless Charging Cover

Running low on battery? Recharge your Galaxy S4 with no fuss on top by using this Wireless Charging Cover. This amazing item can recharge your smartphone without wires or a charging base. Place your phone on top and let it act as your battery and it will automatically start charging. It's is practical and oh so innovative, don't you think?


S View Cover

Now that you've got the S4, you need a special cover to go with it. The S View Cover is similar to the one with the S3 but it's got a different size and has a slight tweak to it. Hmm, can you tell what it is? Yup, it's got a cute window this time around! It lets you see notifications and even answer phone calls without ever flipping it open.


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