The Dairy 101: CREATE a customised phone case in minutes!

We, here at The Dairy love it when you show off your personality! Our CREATE section is your best bet in getting the ultimate customised phone case for your super cool phone.

In just FIVE steps, you can personalise your Samsung Galaxy, iPhone or iPad. Ready to try it out? Here we go... 


Click on the CREATE section of the site. Choose your phone model. Here you'll be able to upload your image onto the following cases:

  1. iPhone 4
  2. iPhone 4 Armoured
  3. iPhone 5
  4. iPhone 5 Armoured
  5. iPad 2
  6. iPad Mini
  7. Samsung Galaxy S2
  8. Samsung Galaxy S3
  9. Samsung Galaxy S4
  10. Samsung Galaxy Note 2


Custom Phone Case


Go to your image library and pick your favourite photo! Anything you want is possible as long as it fits. 

Upload a photo of your pet; your partner; your son; daughter; that special romantic holiday; graduation photo; own artwork; weddings; anniversaries; patterns and so much more!

Simply drag and drop the photo or hit the UPLOAD IMAGE button on the right side bar.

Please use high-resolution images and photos when creating your phone case. We recommend using images with a minimum size of 1500 x 1000 pixels and a maximum file size of 10 Megabytes.  


Personalised Phone Case


Time to tweak your image. SCALE, ROTATE and add COLOUR EFFECTS to your phone case. Once you see the green dotted lines saying 'Looking Good' you're done and ready to check out! If you see red lines you'll need to move your image around or increase scale to ensure your images covers the entire case (front & sides). You won't be able to checkout if it doesn't. 


Create a persinalised phone case



You're ready to rock and roll? Choose the QUANTITY and then ADD TO CART. Don’t forget to tick off the Terms and Condition box!


Create Custom Case



Voila!! Now just click PROCEED TO CART and complete the checkout process. We’re then ready to run off and print your special sustainable custom phone case. We’ll be in touch with you when it's ready to be shipped so hang tight and you should have your awesome new phone case very soon. Oh and why not show off your beautiful design to all your friends by sharing it via Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter or Pinterest! 

Create Custom Phone Case


Now don't worry if you're stuck on crafting up your own phone case, you can easily browse our stunning GALLERY for tons of really cool phone cases all designed & printed in Australia. Pick one and enjoy!