Live Like A Minimalist.

Hey guys,
Happy New Year! Charli here, with our top five tips for you on clearing out the clutter + creating a more minimalistic working environment to kickstart your 2016. 
1. Declare a Clutter Free Zone
Seriously. Start simple. Even if it's just one area of your office first (eg. your desk drawers), empty them of all clutter and make it a goal not to jam any unnecessary files/snacks/other random bits and bobs in there. Once you've minimised mess in one area, move on to the rest of the space. 
2. Touch the Paper/Email Once
As well as accumulating stuff, we also tend to accumulate information. Make it a new rule; whatever comes your way during a working day is dealt with as soon as it lands in your inbox. Then file it/fax it/bin it and move on.
3. Discard Duplicates 
Walk through your office and pick up anything you have more than one of. Pop it in a box labelled 'duplicates' and then pack it up into a cupboard for 30 days. If you don't need it after 30 days, discard it. Seriously, who needs 12 pens?
4. Dress With Less
Ever wake up in the morning and spend forty minutes changing in and out of outfits, trying to decide what to wear for work? Eliminate choice. If you don't have a uniform, create one of your own. I wear white to work everyday. I have about 4 pairs of white overalls and white crops that I switch out out each day, so that it eliminates any unnecessary time spent deciding what to wear. It also helps me to focus. It becomes a ritual; once I'm zipped in, it's go time.