Best MUST HAVE Samsung Galaxy & iPhone apps

Boys and girls, if you’re like me then you’re probably busy fiddling with your phones every once in a while. Whether you are checking your mail, updating a status on Twitter; instagramming your day or whatever; apps make our lives so much easier. Say it with me now, APPS make our lives better!

Okay, first thing’s first, I’m going to limit these recommendations to free apps since it’s easier to grab. Besides, the best things in life are free! Also, I won’t put generic popular stuff like Facebook or Instagram since obviously, most of us already have that. So here goes. 

*Drumroll* Presenting some of my favorite “MUST HAVE” apps for both Samsung Galaxy and the iPhone. Here you go:


Floating Browser

Want a snazzy looking screen, the Floating Browser is perfect. This is made for those who love to multi-task but also don’t mind the clutter. With a simple touch, it brings up a web window that’ll allow you to use some of the screen for various other tasks. This is perfect for Galaxy Note or even the Galaxy S4 since there’s plenty of screen real-estate to conquer.


I know, this one seems boring BUT it is a rather helpful app to have on your phone. It’ll provide hourly forecasts so you’ll know whether to dress in your best flip flops or bundle up for a cold and foggy one, especially when it comes to the importance of protecting your iphone from getting wet.


For those who constantly have 1000 things running at the same time, Evernote is a useful app that jots down notes and reminders for you. It also updates the info on cloud, so you get everything in one place, all safe and sound.

Jelly Bean Keyboard

Okay, so maybe SwiftKey is still a better keyboard app but Jelly Bean Keyboard is slowly gaining ground. Plus, since the latter is free, it’s an absolute plus point. Jelly Bean Keyboard is smart and intuitive as it absorbs your messaging style and offers great next-word prediction similar to what you’d find on SwiftKey.


Temple Run

Hey, we all need to relax sometimes. Temple Run might be old school but it’s still a fun game/app to check out. Admit it, how many times have you pulled this game out while waiting for the bus or maybe passing off the time. It’s a quick, engaging, easy and fun app to have on your iPhone.


Music lovers who are bad at remembering artist names and song titles will probably worship Shazam. This app is amazing. Simply run the app and hold it near a music source, within seconds it will listen and tell you what track is on. It’s a bit mind boggling and of course, it sometimes guesses wrong but still, quite remarkable.

Find My iPhone

There’s nothing more devastating than losing your phone or precious gadget. Hence, this Find My iPhone app is an absolute must have! You have to be a 2010 or later iOS device user though to use this one. Just sign up for a free account and within seconds locate your devices.

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Call me geeky, but I love a good talk, especially if I actually walk away from it with something new. This is the app to have if you want insanely clever people talking and inspiring other people. Perfect if you’re down on a rut and need something to jumpstart your mind.

There you have it! Share your notes and tell me what apps you have on your phone as well. Speaking of phones, don’t forget to drop by the shop and treat your precious gadget to some of the coolest customized phone cases in this side of the world! Our GALLERY is all yours for the taking!

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