Phone Security: Fast Tips and Tricks to Keeping Your Data Safe and Sound

We don’t often think about it until it happens (hey, I didn’t realise the “many uses” of a foam finger until I saw the VMA’s) but there are plenty of advantages when it comes to keeping your data safe and sound when using your smartphone.

So, what’s the best thing to do? Here are a couple of quick and sometimes not so easy tips to keep your phone safe and sound. (You gotta work it a bit if you want to keep private life, actually, private.)



Keep Your Phone Locked with a Complicated (Mindnumbing) Passcode

Even though it might seem like a hassle, the truth is that a passcode is your most basic defense against iPhone data theft. One tip when choosing a passcode, do not go for birthdays or numbers that represent important dates. Oh, and stay away from the surprisingly popular 1234 or 000 or even 1998 passcodes.

Activate Encrypted iPhone Backups

Once you have that passcode and password intact, make sure to back up your personal data. For iPhones, it’s easy to set a backup using iTunes while for most Android phones, there’s also an option to back up pertinent information. Of course, since your phone could get stolen at any time, it’s always a smart idea to keep your most sensitive data at home or at a safe storage device, and nsuring the safety of kids is particularly crucial, especially when it comes to protecting teens from cyber threats. Don’t list down passwords on your phone or any other important thing like that.

Sign Out of All Your Social Media, Emails and Networks

This is a bit tricky and it is additional pain on the user’s end. Because we want our smartphones to be convenient, most of us don’t bother to log out of Facebook or Instagram or even our emails! Truth be told, a ton of your private stuff can be protected by simply hitting the sign out button when you’re done checking emails on your phone. Even sensitive text messages would be best deleted if you want to take it a step further.

Use Security Apps!

There are a ton of apps out there that can help you out. For instance, there’s Lookout Mobile Security. This is a nifty little app that allows you to wipe out data from your device using the web in case it gets stolen or lost. Moreover, it allows you to track your device even if you disabled GPS; back your data over the air as well as scan your phone for harmful viruses. The catch is that there’s a premium of $3 a month to get a premium account which allows for the remote wipe access. Nevertheless, it’s a small investment that goes a long way, if you ask me.

For iPhone users, there’s a “Find My iPhone” feature you can activate to help track your phone in case someone’s sticky fingers managed to get it. This allows you to send out a message to your device, lock it with a passcode or simply remotely wipe out all of the data stored in it. It also tracks your gadget easily.

Don’t Lose Your Phone!

This may be stating the obvious but do take care of your phone. How many times have we left our phones on some random bar because we had a little too much of that tequila; or maybe we were simply too careless and left our phones where everyone can easily pilfer it away from our desk, open bag etc.

Besides, a little care, common sense and vigilance go a long way to keeping your data safe and secure.

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