The History of the Mobile Phone

Yes, yes, the mobile phone is a fairly “recent” invention. However, believe it or not, your parents or maybe grandparents (and almost everyone before that) lived majority of their lives without the aid of a mobile phone! (I know what you must be thinking “the horror!!”)

Of course, it wasn’t all that bad. If you love your smartphones and all your newfangled gizmos; it’s worth the trip to history lane to find out how the first gadget (from the Nokia to your Samsung Galaxy down to your iPhones) came about.

Here’s a quickie history lesson from 1973 down to 2000 regarding the evolution of smartphones.

First Mobile Call

The very first mobile call happened on April 3, 1973, when a Motorola engineer (Martin Cooper) gave a rival company a ring and informed them that he was using a mobile phone. Can you imagine the convo that probably went on?

Oh, the phone they used looked something like this:

Okay, so maybe they haven’t perfected the meaning of “mobile” just yet at this point. This took 10 hours to charge and weighed about 1.1 kilograms by the way.

By 1983, Motorola managed to release the Motorola DynaTAC 8000X. Of course, you would think with such a big phone how can you use it everyday? Well, it was never really intended for the common folks. Those big chunky phones were meant for business folks. The kind that could actually afford it at that time since it cost a cool 2 grand just to have a handheld, brick-of-a-phone back then.

TO THE 1990s

NOKIA became a great game changer in the mobile phone industry. In fact, they were among the first ones that released the more lightweight phones.

Thanks to improved technology, the phone industry began to change over time. There were now thinner and more convenient phones like the likes of the Nokia 6110 (which looks like the one below, do you remember it?)

On the other hand, it was also around this time that Motorola came out with the Motorola StarTac which was one of the first flip phones. Oddly enough, it was inspired by the communicator used in a popular little sci-fi TV series called Star Trek.

By 1998, Nokia was on a roll, releasing an updated version of their cell phone with the 5110. This was smaller and much more lightweight than the previous model. The design included an antenna and a much slimmer body (by 1998 standards, that is.)

Blackberry 850

By the end of the 90s, the Blackberry 850 made its debut. They were officially named the fastest growing company in the planet. They released countless models and definitely garnered a good following. Of course, by 2010, the company went on a downward spiral and although they released the Blackberry Z10. The company is still having trouble gaining a good footing on the smartphone market especially since there are new and more prominent players in the scene.

New Millenium and Onwards

Nokia continued redefining the cellphone market and came out with one of the most popular phone models a decade ago, the Nokia 3310. Some people today still swear that it’s one of the best mobile devices ever made. In fact, in some countries, there are still people that use this model thanks to its indestructibility.

Over time, companies like Samsung and Apple revolutionized the industry with their offerings. In 2008, Apple released their iconic Apple iPhone 3G. This changed everything in the mobile device department and paved the way for other brands to create their own stunning and useful devices.

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