Behind the Scenes

Ever wonder how your phone case is made? Well, have a look at the behind the scenes of The Dairy - all our cases are made to order in Australia, the United States, United Kingdom, and Italy. Why? We want to consume only what is needed to avoid unnecessary waste and products that will never go used. Additionally, making them closer to you also cuts down on our carbon footprint and helps us get the case to you faster.

In the first step, the artwork is downloaded, added to a multi-design sheet, and printed ready for the sublimation process. Then the printed artwork is layered and centred on top of the case type. The tray is then placed into the sublimation machine which takes the ink from the paper and embeds it into the layers of the polycarbonate hard shell at a very high heat.

The cases are pulled from the sublimation machine, left to cool and the external layer is removed. Voila! Your shiny new case.  

All our cases get a little extra TLC before they get packaged up and make their way to you so they look 100% schmick when they arrive.

After your order gets the 'A-OK' we package your case up and give it to the lovely post(wo)man. And now we patiently wait. 

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