In the studio with Jonathan Lawes


Jonathan Lawes studied at Leeds Arts University, UK, and graduated with a Ba(Hons) in Printed Textiles and Surface Pattern Design in 2009.

As a designer his work is presented in a very graphic way, with his love of geometric shape & pattern evident alongside his underlying attention to colour and detail. He gathers his influences and inspirations from a variety of elements, whether it's within a bustling city or out in the country. Simple forms, bold colour combinations, layout & composition, and subtle textures all play their own part.  

Jonathan has recently relocated to south London and works as a freelance designer and printmaker. He divides his time between designing for a variety of fashion & interior clients, and working on his own personal silk screen prints and other handmade design products. 

Jonathan's handprinted works can be found at  Print Club LondonLook UpWhitegrid Gallery, Berlin, and several other design concept stores.  

This series of photos were taken at Stattlab in Berlin, while he was working on a screen print commission. The idea was create a more in-depth and personal view into not only of finished work, but the practice itself and manual labour involved in the printing process.

If you're ever in London why not give screen printing a go at the Print Club London's Beginner Workshops. You might just see Jonathan behind the screens there. 

Photography Credit: Carlos Meyer.

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