In the Studio With Nardurna

Hey, Im Ryhia Dank an Indigenous Gudanji/Wakaja artist now living on the Sunny Coast of Queensland Australia, this is a day in my studio.

My day typically starts at 5:30am, as soon as I wake I jump out of bed get fuelled up with a strong coffee and some breaky, take care of my overnight emails and socials, put my AirPods in and throw some on tunes, typically an assortment of Rap, Hip Hop, Indi and a little Korn, Disturbed and Maralyn Manson to get my creative juices flowing.

I find I love the combination of the morning light with my music in the corner of my studio. It is definitely when I work best and my art just flows from me, I love that time of day. The remainder of my day is mostly spent either at an easel, at my desk or on my iPad somewhere creating and when I feel the need, I jump in my car and head down to the beach to chill and unwind for a few hours. 

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