Introducing iOS 14. Here's 12 Features You Need To Know About

With all the doom and gloom of the news recently, Apple lovers finally got a break when the company after iOS 13 finally announced iOS 14 will be arriving soon! 

Likely designed for the latest iPhone, iOS 14 promised to make give you a better experience with your handset. The final version is set to be released at the same time as the new Apple products. But if you’re itching to test it out, you can get the iOS 14 Beta version this month!

So what can you expect with this spankin’ new iPhone system? We’ve compiled the best features we know so far to whet your appetite. Check it out below!

But first… will your iPhone work with iOS 14?

If you’re the proud owner of an iPhone 12, 12 Max, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, then you’re good to go. You can also opt to get iOS 14 for your iPhone up until iPhone 6s and 6 Plus.

Amazing Features to Expect in iOS 14

1. New App Library

One of the cool things with iOS 14 is you can now view all of your apps in one go. With the App Library, it immediately classifies your apps in intuitive folders so you see everything at a glance. What’s more, the App Library shows your most-used apps (they’ll look bigger!) down to the ones you don’t regularly use (they’ll look smaller).

2. Widgets Arrive to the Homescreen 

Although Widgets aren’t new, up until now they were only usable at the Notifications Centre. This time, iOS 14 lets you drag and drop the Widgets to the Home Screen, giving you more functionality with them than ever before.  

3. Better, Smarter Siri

Siri’s gotten a quick makeover. There’s a new interface and the icon now tucks neatly at the top of the screen, ready to heed your beck and call. Apple says Siri can now address more complicated questions too and get the facts with ease. Aside from that, she can now send audio messages even accept dictation even when not hooked online.

4. Improved Messages

With iOS 14 Messages, you can now pin a conversation at the top, create conversational threads and have the option to be notified when you are mentioned. It works like Slack which means it’ll be more functional for group collaboration than ever before.

5. Picture in Picture Mode for Videos

You can find this feature in the iPad and on the Macbook and it’s only making its way to the iPhone with iOS 14. With this, you can shrink videos and drag them to whichever part of the screen you want. You can keep watching your movie or keep on FaceTime without closing it out. You can even completely minimize the video. The audio will play in the background and you can use the tab to pull it back out.

6. Adjustable Video Frame Rates Now A Thing

For video nerds who like to shoot with their iPhones, iOS 14 gives you the option to see and change the camera frame rate for each video you take. Hit Settings > Camera > Record Video / Slo Mo and tick on the Video Format Control option. Once you record a video, the frame and resolution should be viewable on the upper right. To change it, simply tap on it.

7. Let Your Phone Recognise Sound

Find this option at Accessibility on iOS 14. What does this do? Well, it can make your iPhone 12 listen for certain sounds and give you an alert whenever it hears it. You can choose from several sounds already tacked on there, from barking dogs, a crying baby, to a door bell, fire alarm and more.

8. Better Photos

Fancy adding text and captions to your photos? Now you can! iOS 14 lets you add captions by simply swiping up. There’s still no option to search the captions using Spotlight but hopefully Apple will add eventually. You can now also pinch and zoom and filter your images.  

9. Random MAC Address When on Public Wi-Fi

Get extra security by scrambling or giving yourself a random MAC address. Set this up under Settings > Wi-Fi > Hit “i” icon > Enable “Use Private Address.” It’s best to disconnect then reconnect to the router after so it registers the new MAC Address.

10. Test with App Clips

Ever wanted to use an App but didn’t want to download the entire thing? App Clips lets you do this! This can be accessed with a pop-up card from the bottom of the screen. App Clips lets you use specific functions of the App without downloading all its big files from the store. 

11. Unlock Your Car with CarPlay

Okay, so not everyone will get to use this yet but it could be a fun new function to look forward to. Made for the 2021 BMW 5 Series, with CarPlay in iOS 14, you can now unlock your car without car keys on hand. So far, no other car models or manufacturers have been named but expect the list to grow.

12. Improved Maps

Maps now come with “Guides,” basically like a travel guide for you when exploring. There’s also an upgrade route added for Cyclists. They can now find quieter roads or safe cycling lanes within Maps. For those driving electric cars, it gives best route to use where charging stations will be available. But perhaps the most unique addition is the fact that Maps will now give you a signal if you’re approaching an area with traffic cameras. Great way to avoid getting that speed ticket!

We’re expecting more things from iOS 14. As mentioned, the public Beta version will be out this July so go ahead and test drive that to find out more!

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