Snap or Armoured Phone Case – What’s the Difference?

LEFT iPhone XS snap  RIGHT iPhone XS armoured

So it’s been decided. It’s time to buy a new phone case. But while you’re probably still deliberating over the look, colour and design you’re after, don’t forget to consider the type of case you want to own too. Here at The Dairy, we have two options to choose from – snap or armoured phone cases. We’ve summarised both phone case options below to give you a better idea of what each phone case is all about. 

OPTION ONE: The Snap Phone Case

LEFT iPhone XS snap  RIGHT Samsung Galaxy S10 Snap

This slimline case will fit snugly around your phone, and it will still do the job of protecting your phone pretty well. After all, that’s what a phone case is for...surprise surprise, not just for making your phone look pretty! The snap case has enough durability to withstand your everyday knocks and drops while sitting as flush as possible against your phone.


  • Slim
  • Lightweight
  • Impact resistant
  • Open access for ports
  • High gloss surface
  • Resistant to fading

Starting at $45 AUD | $32 USD

Who is this phone case ideal for?
If you’re generally pretty careful with your phone, and you’re not prone to dropping it and knocking it about, a snap phone case should be a pretty safe bet for you. Plus, if you favour a phone case that barely adds additional width and depth to your phone, this is by far your best option.

OPTION TWO: The Armoured Phone Case

LEFT iPhone XS armoured  RIGHT Samsung Galaxy armoured

While this case may look and feel slightly bulkier than the snap case, the added protection it provides really makes a difference for those who are accident-prone. After all, it’s called ‘armoured’ for a reason! With an additional bumper layer surrounding the phone, it does a great job at absorbing the shock from whacks and falls.


  • Additional bumper layer
  • Superior impact resistance
  • Open access to ports
  • High gloss surface
  • Resistant to fading

Starting at $50 AUD | $35 USD

Who is this phone case ideal for?
If you’re particularly clumsy or if you simply don’t want to risk any harm coming to your phone whatsoever, an armoured phone case is probably the safest bet. 

Which Phone Case is Right for You?

LEFT Samsung Galaxy S10 snap RIGHT Samsung Galaxy S10 armoured

Essentially, the biggest differences between the two are weight, size, and toughness. The armoured case is tougher, and because it's so tough, it will cost a little extra too. But to make it so durable, it needs to compensate in weight and size, which is where the slimline case wins out. 

So your decision on which case to choose comes down to durability or a slimline fit. What matters most to you?

What About the Quality?

iPhone XS snap 

No matter what type of phone case you go with, here at The Dairy, every one of our phone cases are designed to protect your phone. You also don’t have to worry about how your chosen design will look on the case either. We have a sophisticated 3D printing process in place which allows us to embed the design directly into the layers of the tough polycarbonate cases, so the colour and pattern will never rub off or fade. 

Google Pixel 3 snap

LEFT iPhone XS armoured RIGHT Samsung Galaxy S10 armoured