The Best New Year's Eve Celebration Ideas

2021? Where did that year go? We all had our ups and downs this year, but let’s celebrate the good and celebrate another year of spending time with family and friends, even if it wasn’t as much as we are used to. Whether you will be celebrating at home with your loved ones or celebrating out at planned events with your close pals, we have collated a cute list of our best tips for New Years Eve 2021. 

1. Sushi making, eating and drinking champagne with your close pals from home

Whether it's a salmon skin roll or veggie avocado sushi, spicy touches of wasabi and ginger mixed with the freshness of that sparkling champagne, accompanied with the warmth and laughter of your close pals. This is the perfect new years eve celebration for the friends that want to keep it small, wholesome and cosy, from the comfort of home with easy access to holiday films. Cuddle those who mean the most to you as you see in 2022.

2. Sparkle party, with disco themed music, bubbly to cheers in the new year

It’s that time of year to cover your cheeks with glitter, put on the sequin outfits and light up those sparklers and dance around the fire with your best pals. With the wind in your hair, the sound of Earth Wind and Fire on the sound system and that happy feeling as you float around hand in hand with your besties lighting up the sky with your sparklers. Wave goodbye to 2021 with a smile on your face and hope in your vision.

3. Beach barbecue and sea swimming under the sunset

Whether you live in a hot climate or enjoy being by the sea in the cold winters, celebrate with toasted marshmallows by the sea with a group of your favourite pals is one of the most thrilling and enjoyable things you can do. Jump into the waves when the clock strikes midnight, and let the adrenaline surge through your body as you wrap your arms around your loved ones, singing along to Auld Lang Syne as you crack open a cold one. 

4. Rooftop dining with views of the city

Dinner with a view… can’t beat it! As you eat your way through the last night of 2021, let your gaze fall over your beautiful city, as the sun sets, the skyscrapers light up the sky and the sprinkle of fireworks create a stunning light show for you to watch in the warmth of a restaurant with a great plate of food, fantastic company and delicious drinks. Start 2022 feeling delightfully full, merry and ready for anything… on top of the world.

5. Rent a cottage or cabin and hideout from the crowd with your loved ones 

Why celebrate for one night when you can celebrate for a whole weekend with your nearest and dearest? Rent a cabin by the sea or a cottage in the countryside, pack a (few) hampers of cheeses, hams, olives, breads, pastas, and coolers filled with champagne, wines, beers, mocktails and sodas (for the non-drinkers). Turn up the music nice and loud, lay out the blankets, fire up your log burner, melt the camembert, get your part frocks on and CELEBRATE your socks off. Wake up altogether in 2022 with the smell of fresh coffee, sourdough freshly toasted and the hum of a brighter year. 

6. Dance all night

Sway those hips, shake your shoulders and whip your hair back and forth. Move to the beats of the 80s, 90s, 2000s and sing it loud and proud because this is scientifically and naturally the ultimate way to celebrate and feel amazing. Let those endorphins fly around your body and you mexican wave into the new year. From underground clubs to rooftop, forest raves to highstreet discos, put your dancing shoes on and paint your town red. 

7. Dinner and a theatre show with your closest friends'

What better way to end the year than with a live show; whether it is a theatre production, a cabaret night or a gig. Enjoy the talents of the stage as you sip your wine, eat your Haagen Dazs and be entertained throughout the evening. For us we love to visit the theatres, dress up smart, sit on those comfy red velvet armchairs, sip on a delicious Rioja and watch a good old classic such as The Phantom of the Opera, Dirty Dancing, The Lion King or Hamilton. With just a handful of your closest pals, you can enjoy a cosy candlelit dinner beforehand at one of the closeby restaurants watching the buzzing atmosphere float on by. 

8. Cocktail and Mocktail making to your favourite tunes, sing your heart away whilst you sip on homemade cocktails and eat delicious salmon canapés  

Prefer to stay at home this New Years Eve? Do not worry, we got you covered. Head to your local store, pick up all your favourite cocktail (or mocktail) ingredients, your favourite canapes, dial up your closest friends, get the NYE playlist ready and you are set for a perfectly wholesome evening full of laughs, bellinis and martinis. As you all gather around the table to mix up your favourite cocktails; espresso or pornstar martini, Cosmopolitan or Manhattan, serve up your smoked salmon and cream cheese blinis and sing along to Ri Ri, don’t forget to get the camera out and capture all those beautiful moments. Pour it up, pour it up!

9. Games night at home for those who prefer a quiet evening

For the gamers and the competitors who enjoy getting all the fellow parents over, let the kids run around whilst you settle down to a card game by the fire, or a challenging jenga game by the candles, or for something more creative, get painting by numbers or acting out to charades (something the kids can enjoy too).  These nights can be some of our most beloved memories, (especially during a year of lockdowns) when you can enjoy most of these things with your roommates or over zoom. Get the pizzas ordered, beers on ice and baileys in the freezer, and get shuffling those cards before you are drunk enough to mime the syllables to Lord of the Rings. Enjoy New Years Eve from the comfort of your own home but with a lot of laughs and a much cheaper bill.