The Botanical World of ‘Tuppence Collective’

The Dairy chat with the creators of the beautiful Gladys, Pat, Stanley and Morris phone cases; meet the two lovely artists behind the botanical brand, take a look inside their studio and discover what else they create

For anyone who loves botanical patterns and a cheeky pop of colour, take a look at our latest partners Tuppence Collective - a surface design brand that champions maximalism and embraces millennial colour palettes.

With creations inspired by the Arts & Crafts movement and imagery that reflects a penchant for brazenly opulent interiors, Brit gal pals Alicia and Rebecca have developed a body of work that’s modern yet timeless.   

Each of their illustrative designs are carefully hand painted onto large paper sheets using acrylics then digitally repeated to create meticulous patterns, many of which have caught the eye of big clientele such as Fortnum & Mason, Ikea, Papier and Vogue.

Over the past decade, various products have showcased Alicia and Rebecca’s signature style on an international stage, from plush cushions and decadent wrap to quirky office booths and luxury tablescaping kits. By collaborating with The Dairy, the talented duo have now added gorgeous phone cases to their accomplished portfolio.


Follow Tuppence Collective on Instagram and if you only do one thing this week, make sure to visit Alicia and Rebecca’s website and check out all they have to offer, especially their range of festive goods which are due for release later on this year.