Top 10 Best Features in the New iOS 13 Update

It’s been 3 months of beta testing, and now iOS 13 is finally here! From dark mode to better privacy, to updated reminders and a completely new Photos app, there’s something to ooh and aah about in Apple’s latest iOS update. 

So, let’s dig in and see what awesomeness we can find, shall we? 

1. Dark Mode Everywhere

Apple is finally joining the dark side with its new system-wide dark mode feature. iOS 13 is getting a lot of rave reviews about this feature, giving every dark mode lover out there a chance to have their phone screens look sleeker than ever. 

The Dark Mode feature extends to the wallpaper, lock screen, widgets and even to the iPhone’s stock apps. 

You can turn it on manually by heading to the Control Center or schedule it to come on during sunset. Once you turn it on, it’s going to affect everything on your phone, including 3rd party apps when they update to the iOS 13 APIs. 

2. All New Reminders App

The Reminder’s app looks brand new and has been completely redesigned. It now comes with natural language input and a lot smarter. You can now just type in your reminder and the app does the job of assigning dates, time, etc. But of course, you can also tweak this by heading to the new toolbar. Set time, date, location, attach flags or photos and documents in your reminder. 

Oh, almost forgot, it’s also got a Smart Lists option where it instantly organizes your reminders based on Scheduled, Today and Flagged. 

3. Sign-In With Apple Everything!  

Okay, this is exciting because it’s a game-changer for privacy and security. Now, of course, this means ceding control and trusting Apple to do their job but hey, that’s better than trusting some other random app, right?

Sign-in with Apple lets you log on a website or service while protecting your privacy. When you use the button, the app will NOT receive any personal information from you – your email, phone number or name. Instead, you will be authenticated with just Face ID. 

When an app requires an email for you to sign in, you have the option to hide your real email address. In this instance, Apple will just randomly create a unique email for you while forwarding the emails to your actual email address. Neat, right? 

4. Siri Just Got Better

You’re getting a new and improved voice for Siri with iOS 13. Our secret BFF-for-life now uses Neural text-to-speech engine to help generate the voice so it’s a lot more pleasant to listen to. Siri also works better now on the AirPods. If you get a message, Siri will read it to you automatically and give you the option to reply right away. 

5. Improved Health App 

The Health app has been redesigned to give you highlights of your activity and fitness journey. The highlights are at the top, but scroll down and you’ll see all the insights. For the ladies, it also now has a built-in Cycle Tracking feature. There’s a period reminder, period flow, symptoms and more so you won’t need to use a separate app. 

6. Safari Download Manager

Ugh, finally! Yes, this was a long time coming but it’s finally here. The Safari download manager easily integrates with the Files app. When you download something, a popup shows up. Just tap the Download button and you’ll find all your downloads in one spot at the downloads folder. Aside from this neat little addition, Safari now has full-screen mode and a better options tab – making it more enjoyable to use. 

7. Gesture Typing is Now A Thing! 

Apple resisted this for so long but they finally gave in. iOS 13 now supports gesture typing. This new QuickPath keyboard lets you swipe your finger from one letter to another to enter a word. It works interchangeably with the regular keyboard so no need to keep switching when you need to use it. Just slide away. Great for using your huge iPhone 11 Pro Max with just one hand! 

8. Improved Photos App

We’ve all gotten so used to how our iPhones managed our Photos but now, Apple is saying they’re going to make it better. The Photos app got a boost with iOS 13 and now, it looks sleeker, and paired with the new dark mode, sexier! You can now find sub-tabs dividing the photos from Days, Months and Years. 

The Days tab helps show you the photos you took for the day, without all the other photos in the way. Plus, it can now hide duplicate photos as well or screenshots with text on it. 

9. Better Camera App

Hey, since they’re improving the Photos section, why not the camera too? The Camera app now lets you adjust Portrait Lighting intensity, which means you can now get smoother skin, sharper eyes, and brighter facial features. Those with an iPhone XR or the new iPhone 11 also get an additional High-Key Light Mono effect as well.  

10. Great New Maps Feature

Love using Maps? You’ll be happy to know iOS 13 has improved Maps. It’s received a new start page and at the bottom, it will show you the most frequent places you’ve visited. You can add frequent locations too if you want. 

Sharing your ETA is easier as well, as there’s now an option for that on the navigation screen right on the app. The Collections feature also lets you collect multiple areas and add photos. Apple is currently working on its remapping project and will have the option for you to go on a Street-View perspective on the Maps soon. Their version will be called Look Around. 

Runner Up Features:

- You can now connect with TWO Apple AirPods, so sharing music is way better. 

- Amazing new Memoji options! Plus, you can now access it anywhere. 

- Carplay experience is upgraded to feature a three-pane dashboard view. 

- iOS 13 receives new Voice Control feature – super exciting and worth checking out!

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