Unlocking the Power of Kindle: Amazing Hacks You Must Know

Small but powerful. Amazon’s Kindle has become a favourite go-to for tech-savvy book lovers everywhere. 

And if you’ve made the switch and are wondering what snazzy things you can do with your Kindle (aside from having books on the go) we’ve gathered 6 amazing Kindle hacks you need to know and should be using right now.

1. Add a Clickit Stand & Holder to your Kindle

The main selling point of a Kindle is you can take your books with you wherever you go. But without a proper holder, it can be challenging to hold onto the device  - owing to its tiny size. Luckily, we have the solution. Our handy Clickit stand & holder is the number 1 Kindle accessory we can't live without.

The Dairy Kindle Pop-socket Style Clickit Stand & Holder

This cute little thing is popular with smartphones but it can be placed at the back of your Amazon Kindle Paperwhite case to make it easy to hold and carry with you. 

Use it while reading at the park or when you’re squeezing in a page or two while on the bus or train. The Clickit holder lets you use your Kindle with one hand. When placed right, it can also become a handy stand. No more accidental drops to your face when reading while in bed too. You can even personalise it with your own text or image — use our personalised tool here!

Kindle Stand & Holder The Dairy

2. Put it on a stylish, protective sleeve

To go with Clickit, you want a protective sleeve to keep your Kindle safe from bumps and drops. The Dairy’s smallest protective sleeve is perfect for keeping your precious Kindle safe.  

Kindle Protective Sleeve

We’ve got plenty of beautiful designs to choose from and you can even customise these according to your style. 

Shop the entire range of laptop, iPad & Kindle sleeves here.

3. Find free and inexpensive books online

Did you know you can find free cheap books online and download them onto your Kindle to read? All it takes is a simple Google search and you’ll find countless free ebooks in epub and mobi format. 

Among the most popular sites to check out include Project Gutenberg, BookBub and Manybooks.

4. Listen to Audiobooks on your Kindle

If you have a Kindle Paperwhite (the 10th generation), you can listen to audiobooks  using the device. Since there’s no speaker on the Kindle Paperwhite, you need a Bluetooth speaker or headset. Pair your device with the Kindle by going to the three little dots on the Kindle and clicking on “Wifi and Bluetooth.”

After it’s connected, you can head to Audible to listen to whatever audiobook suits your fancy. You will need a subscription for this one though. 

5. Organise your cluttered library with Collections

Is your book collection making your Kindle library look cluttered? Like all Kindle users, there’s a danger of hoarding too many books at one time. Plenty of these titles you might not even want to read anymore. So if you want to get a less cluttered library screen, organize your books by creating collections. 

A single collection will only take up the space of one book in the library, keeping everything looking smart and neat. 

To do this, press the three dots on the Kindle Menu and choose “Create New Collection.” Customise the name of the collection then add the books or text you want to group. They can be from a similar author or have the same theme. 

6. Download PDFs to your Kindle

One secret hack everybody forgets is that Kindle isn’t limited to Kindle ebooks, but you can upload documents and PDFs for reading. While it’s a bit fiddly, it is worth it especially if you want to have work documents within easy access.

The easy way to do it is via a USB cable, plug it into your device then all you need to do is drag and drop your PDF files on the “Documents” section of Kindle and it should show up in your library. 

An alternative process requires you to know your Kindle email address. Have all your email addresses approved - particularly the ones you’ll use to send the file to Kindle. Send your file to Kindle and then sync it. The documents should show up in your library.

It’ll be a lot more pleasurable to read these over the Kindle than on your phone especially when you have to be on the go.