Sustainable Innovation is the binding thread of our entire supply chain, with a particular focus on product, process and materials development. In our pursuit of innovation, we also care deeply about any impacts this focus may have on the environment and on those people involved.


All our crews across our businesses strongly focus on sustainability. We believe that what distinguishes truly outstanding products is not only the best product quality and performance but also the commitment to the environmental and social responsibility of the manufacturer. We believe that innovations require processes that promote and improve sustainability in the use of resources by manufacturers that is of benefit to consumers. We will continuously work to improve our processes and practices as technologies and material science advance. Because this commitment is ingrained throughout our businesses, our systems, and our product development strategies, we will make consistent and measurable progress in implementing our commitments.

For these reasons, our objective is to develop:

  1. Those product designs and products that most effectively and efficiently meet our customers’ requirements;
  2. Stable processes with the smallest possible impacts on environments and people;
  3. Materials that use environmentally friendly (renewable/recycled) from sustainable sources
  4. Operationally effective and efficient solutions that provide added value to our customers.

Commitments to innovation excellence:

  • We will continuously improve our processes, practices, and products and strive to constantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our development efforts and processes.
  • We will implement structured processes to identify solutions with the lowest impact on the environment, our workplaces and on product safety.
  • We will make sustainability an integral part of our R&D and innovation processes.
  • Cutting-edge product design, raw material, and process know-how, as well as state-of-the-art tools and methods. Innovation fun and lessons learned will allow us to create best-in-class manufacturing solutions.
  • We will work collaboratively to develop sustainable, market-driven, and innovative solutions to the challenges in our markets so as to demonstrate our commitment to innovation excellence to all our stakeholders and to the public.
  • Create a positive working environment.
  • Maintain equal opportunities for all staff.
  • Support local community initiatives.

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