Got iOS 7 Problems? Here’s How to Fix it!

Every neat operating system has flaws. The iOS 7 is no exception. While the iOS 8 is still possibly months off, it’s likely you’ll be stuck with the iOS 7 for a while.

To help you out, we’ve collected a few common problems from this operating system that you can totally fix yourself. Stop suffering, look through the list and get to fixing!

The Problem: Battery Juice Drains Too Fast

Ask any iOS 7 user and this is always number 1 on the complaint list. The iOS 7 may have a beautiful, intuitive design but it sucks that you need to lug around your charger or a Power Bank just to keep your iPhone alive.

The Fix: Turn Off Unnecessary Settings and Notifications

To fix this problem and squeeze out more life from your battery, you need to put in a bit of time. Go to your SETTINGS> GENERAL> BACKGROUND REFRESH APP. Pick which apps you can live without updating every 20 seconds or so, and turn those off. Also turn off your Location Services like iAds, Frequent Locations or Popular Near Me. These suck the life of your battery in a heartbeat too.

The Problem: Frozen or Slow Screen

If you notice your device, iPhone or iPad, feeling sluggish when you use it. Its possible you’ve been using it way too much.

The Fix: Review What Settings You Have Turned On. For Frozen Screens, Do A Manual Reset (But Back Up Your Data First)

Check out Device Usage under Settings. When your internal storage is almost full, the device naturally slows down. So say bye bye to those old photos, or uninstall apps you never use. (Delete an iOS app by long pressing on the home screen.)

Turn off unnecessary heavy functions like the parallax wallpaper. iPhone 4 and 4s users also have the option to switch the Reduce Motion setting On to minimise the issue. iPhone 5 or 5s might want to turn off their Perspective Zoom option to improve this problem as well.

The Problem: Can’t Connect to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi

A lot of people reported this problem after they updated to iOS 7. Some say that the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth area was greyed out and can’t be accessed.

The Fix: Toggle Airplane Mode on/off. Also try setting up your wireless or Bluetooth network again if that doesn’t fix it.

This problem is a confusing one. Sometimes a mere toggle can fix it and other times, it requires a factory reset. Try out the simple solutions first before going for a reset. By the way, when you’re setting up your wireless network, remove the apostrophes if you have it in there. It’s odd but taking it out sometimes fixes this issue.

The Problem: Unread Email by the Hundreds!

This is an annoying bug. After an update, users reported they’d find their inbox filled with hundreds of unread emails.

The Fix: Hit Up your Web Browser and go to your Email Account. Choose All>Hit Mark as Unread > Then Hit Mark as Read

This problem happen a lot to those who have Gmail accounts although those with other email accounts have experienced it to some degree as well.

The Problem: iPhone Won’t Turn On or Completely Unresponsive

When your iPhone just won’t budge, it’s easy to panic. But don’t! There are a couple of ways you can address this problem.

The Fix: Do a restart. Hold down Power Button and the Home Key at the same time. This should reboot your iPhone.

If it really won’t turn on, then your only option is to reset it to factory mode. Hopefully you have a backup in place before you go for this drastic measure.

The Problem: Siri has Gone Bonkers!

Your favourite gal may be snarky at times but when you notice that she’s a bit off in her questions and gives you the wrong information, there could be a problem.

The Fix: Reset network settings by heading to Settings> General> Reset> Reset Network Settings on your device.

Hopefully, she’ll be back to her witty, charming self after that.

The Problem: Bug for Bypassing the Lock Screen!

This loophole didn’t go well with people when they realized that no matter how complicated a passcode they created; there was a way to open the iPhone without knowing the code.

The Fix: For a good workaround, visit Settings> Control Centre> turn off the Access to Lock Screen option

Of course, Apple won’t sit around with such a crucial problem. They’ve since released an update to make sure this bug is killed once and for all. Just head for your Software Update to grab it.

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