Busting the Myth – 7 iPhone and iPad Charging Tips You Should Forget

Myth Numero Uno: Off-Brand Chargers Will Kill Your iPhone!

Verdict: FALSE 

Using off-brand chargers like those from Belkin or KMS are totally fine. The ones you should never use are the knock-off ones. They could kill your device for good and damage the batteries.

Myth Numero Dos: Only Charge Your iPhone once the Juice is All Out

Verdict: FALSE

Give your smartphone some credit. Unlike before when you would damage the batteries if you charged them while full, these days you can plug in and get juice almost anytime you want. Plus, if you wait until you get zero per cent, chances are you’re actually damaging your lithium batteries instead of prolonging its lifespan.

Myth Numero Tres: Your Phone is Better Off Awake Forever! No Turning-Off Necessary


Like computers, you would need to turn off your phone once in a while. Doing so actually helps your batteries to last.

Myth Numero Cuatro: Never Touch or Fuss About on Your iPhone While It’s Charging

Verdict: FALSE

It’s absolutely-positively fine to use your device even if it’s plugged in and charging. Just make sure you’re not using some dodgy charger otherwise you could be heavily damaging it without knowing.

Myth Numero Cinco: Charging All Night Long is a No-No!

Verdict: FALSE

If this were 10 years ago, this would be so true. But it isn’t! And we’ve got smarter devices these days, so it’s perfectly fine to leave (or forget) your iPhone and keep it plugged in overnight. Batteries nowadays know that once they’re full, they stop charging. Just don’t do it as often.

Myth Numero Seis: Always Buy A Spare Battery and Keep it On Hand

Verdict: FALSE

Having a spare battery is a good idea, but let’s face it, these things can be expensive. Unless your current battery is broken, there’s no need to have a spare. Besides, since your iPhone batteries can’t be removed anyway, just invest in a reliable charger instead.

Myth Numero Siete: I Need to Plug my iPhone for 8 Hours Before I Use it For The First Time


This might have been true back then but these days fast chargers are everywhere. Unless it’s stated on the manual to do so, then go ahead charge it for X number of hours before you use it. However, most of the time, it’s really not necessary. It’ll be just fine.

Bonus: Keep Heat Away From Your Batteries!

All tech devices hate heat. So always make sure you’re charging in the right area and at the right time. Keep your device cool and safe always.

How about you, got any charging myths you want to share?

Cam :)